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Install Oracle Database 12c Single Instance Software Only

Install Oracle Database 12c Single Instance Software Only

Installing Oracle Database 12c Software Only

1. ./runInstaller

2. Note the installer only needs 150 MB for swap that is an improvement from early version of the installer.

3. To configure security updates which is recommend put your email address from Oracle support and check the box and add you email. Click next.

In my case I left this blank and clicked next.

3.1 In my case I said yes

4. You can add in your Oracle support credentials so the installer can check for any software updates. You can also point to a pre-download location for updates. There is also an option to skip the software download. Click next.

In my case I choose skip software updates

5. Select install database software only

6. Select single instance database installation click next

7. Set your languages click next

In my case I left default

8. Select the database edition click next

In my case I select Enterprise Edition

9. Set Oracle base and software location and click next

10. Here select the privileged operating system groups and click next. This is good if you plan to have different groups for different database activities.

In my case I left the groups all set to dba.

11. Prerequisite checks will begin

12. Review summary and click install

13. Installation will begin

13.1 Click the details button to see the installation details

14. When prompted execute the script do not click OK until you have executed the

15. Open a terminal widow with root privilege execute the script in the new installed Oracle software home.

16. Once the completes execution click OK.

17. Installation is complete click close

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